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All downloads are performed by contacting the source forecast server (NOAA, YRNO) directly from the phone, using only the geo-coordinates from the Location Search or Location Service. No information about the phone or user is transmitted.

Location Search

From the Choose Location page, you can use the text box to search GeoNames for a forecast by zip code, airport code, or city name. All searches are performed by contacting the site directly from the phone using the search text provided.

Location Service

From the Choose Location page, you can press the “discover location” button to use the phone’s current location as the forecast source. If the Location Service returns successfully, only the geo-coordinate is sent to the forecast server, just like any other forecast request.
  • All access to the phone Location Service is controlled by the “discover location” button.
  • If the button is reset, the app will cancel the current Location Service request.
  • After the Location Service returns a result, the button is automatically reset.

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